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The days of basic leather golf bags are long gone Jay McClement Jersey , as designers make the most of modern technologiesLong gone are the days of plain, practical and purely functional golf bags. Golf equipment designers and manufacturers have realised in recent years that golfers love variety, and are taking risks with the styles of their golf bags.Golf Bags of Days Gone ByGolf bags have come a long way in a century. In the 1920's the standard style for a golf bag was a cylindrical carrier made of cloth and leather, with a shoulder and hand strap. They were usually black or brown in colour, although there are examples of antique golf bags for children with bright tartan patterns. These designs were very basic and functional, and had no special features that we see in modern day golf bags, such as compartments for clubs or pockets for accessories.The Development of Golf BagsAs golf grew in popularity throughout the middle of the century, the design of golf bags became more technical. Some of today's major golf bag brands began to put a lot of time John-Michael Liles Jersey , effort and money into researching and designing their products, and golfers began to enjoy bags with high-quality and light-weight fabrics. There were other developments that affected the golf bags industry, such as the invention of a battery-powered golf cart in the 1950's. Golf companies started to develop bags that could sit safely on these carts and caddies began to worry about losing their jobs! In 1986 the first golf bags with an automated leg system were invented, and in 1990 the double straps on carry golf bags first hit the greens.Today's Golf BagsWhen you go shopping for golf bags nowadays, you are simply spoilt for choice. Designs range from affordable bags made from lightweight nylon, to blow-the-budget designer leather bags. Double straps come as standard on most golf bags now, as do features like golf club compartments, pockets for accessories and a rain hood. When you move into the mid- and top-range golf bags Chris Terry Jersey , you can expect features like fur-lined pockets, lighter-weight designs, and more strategically-placed pockets for items like golf balls and water bottles.Golf Bags of TomorrowWith advances in technology, golf bags look set to become highly technical pieces of equipment. One recent development is a Dutch-designed golf bag with solar panels, which can charge mobile phones and laptops. This is ideal for businessmen who need to be able to take calls at every hour of the day and can't risk running out of battery power on the golf course. And who knows what else golf bag manufacturers might come up with? A talking golf bag that advises you on which club to use for your next shot? An in-built weather predicting function? Golf bags with built-in drinks coolers? With today's technologies the sky's the limit!Golf bags are available in various varieties and now technology is advance, now you have many choices to select according to your requirement, dont require going old ones.Neil Bennett with Golfandsports provides you best information to choosing junior golf clubs. He also provides you details on other golf clubs including ladies golf clubs, cheap and discount golf clubs that you want.[ advertisement ]

Almost every 1 in 7 people buy a new pair of running or walking shoes every year. This amount is a lot Alexander Semin Jersey , considering a large chunk of the total po[censored] tion of the world lives below the poverty line!

You can burn 100 calories if you run for one mile. This means, you can lose a pound of weight by running a mile daily for 30 days! Make sure you buy a good pair of walking shoes to enjoy your walks!

While on a run, the body generates so much amount of pressure that it can squirt blood almost 30 feet!
Your body has enough amount of fat stored to enable you for a three day marathon at 15 the speed of miles per hour!

Such amazing facts will surely want you put on your walking shoes to take this activity on a daily basis. People who walk, jog or run daily have reported outstanding improvements when it comes to their body:

People who run on a daily basis develop so much stamina that they can perform all their daily c[censored] s without feeling any sense of fatigue.
Running improves the health condition of heart patients and improves their life span.
Diabetic patients can live without complications if they walk, jog or run on a daily basis. It improves their metabolism tremendously that builds enough resistance.

We're sure these facts will make you search for the right kind of running shoes online immediately. While you might open up a new tab to surf for shoes simultaneously while reading this article, let us tell you the benefits of buying running shoes online:

1. Wide variety: A store cannot stock enough shoes owing to limited display space on the shelf. Further, there's a problem that shoes made for one region are not available in the other. However, companies such as Asics shoes online offer such a range Cam Ward Jersey , that you can browse all of them under one roof and order the one you prefer.
2. Lower price: Online companies such as Asics shoes online don't have staffing and showroom rent charges. The only cost online companies have to bear is that of website hosting. This brings the overall cost of the shoes very low and gets a smile on your face!

Sports science allows for constant innovation, getting us latest shoes such as Brooks adrenaline among many others, which have inspiring designs and are made for those who want to excel. They provide every kind of fit depending on your feet so that you don't have to settle for anything substandard. Brooks adrenaline are widely acclaimed shoes that are durable and provide comfort to the feet, so that you avoid sore

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