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A week ago I was helping a man find some running shoes and noticed an older gentlemen slide into my peripheral vision. Since my head is usually turned downward as I tie laces countless times throughout the day, I glanced at his sneaks and observed that he had an older pair of shoes that were red and black with that iconic Swoosh. Though I don¡¯t recall the model, he proceeded to tell me that his closet is full of Michael Jordan shoes. Speaking of which, The Cardboard Connection, like other websites devoted to number 23, has put together a visual history of Air Jordan shoes.

I¡¯m going to start this review with a bold statement: the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit is the best Nike Free shoe I have ever worn.

The heel pain started out gradually, went away as I warmed up, and went away the next day. Pretty typical story. It was always better before the next run and didn¡¯t affect my gait so I kept going. But over time it got worse, started swelling, etc. Finally after a 5k on a very hilly course it got so painful and swollen that running was no longer possible. I stopped running and after the pain didn¡¯t go away with rest, I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with retrocalcaneal bursitis. A month of PT and anti-inflammatories didn¡¯ Nike Air Max Lunar 90 Mens uk t clear it up, so the doctor took X-rays which revealed a Haglund¡¯s defect, which is a large spur of bone extending from the calcaneus just behind the Achilles tendon (see photo below). The doctor recommended surgery to remove it. The spur was apparently digging into the tendon and bursa and causing the inflammation.

Haglund Deformity ¨C note the large, pointed spur extending up from the calcaneus (heel bone) I have gotten things calmed down enough to start doing very limited running, but it is still uncomfortable. I¡¯m developing a theory of what is going on, so I tested my hypothesis this morning by dusting off my high heeled running shoes. Guess what. Things felt much better. So, what I¡¯m thinking is that over the last several years my heel has remodeled at a particular angle dictated by the footwear I was wearing, which all had traditional raised heels. When I started running exclusively in my bare feet and flat shoes it changed the angle of my foot at mid stance such that the spur was now protruding back into my Achilles tendon and its bursa. I suspect that this wasn¡¯t a problem when I was running only occasionally in my bare feet. But once it was full time my Achilles never got a chance to calm down.

After leaving the store, I started thinking about that man¡¯s shoes more and my mind wandered back into the days of middle school. As a burgeoning adolescent, the perception of being thought of as ¡°cool¡± by my peers was constantly on my mind. We all wish to be liked and we all wish to be validated by our outward appearance. I can¡¯t remember the shoes I wore at this time, but I do remember that the popular guys in my classes wore Air Jordan shoes, along with other emerging basketball stars at the time (e.g. Anfernee ¡°Penny¡± Hardaway).

My first experience with the Nike Pegasus came when I bought a pair of the Peg 29 for a consulting project I was working on. I tried them on at a Nike outlet and was surprised by ho Nike Air Max Lunar 90 Womens sneakers w comfortable they were (I often have trouble with Nike¡¯s being too narrow). They had a very soft feel underfoot, and I couldn¡¯t help but take them for a run. On the run they felt great, but I started to experience some abrasion along the ball behind my right big toe. This is very common for me in shoes that have a soft forefoot ¨C I tend to pronate more on my right side and have a tendency to cave in the inner border of shoes with soft forefoot midsoles. Yo Nike Dunk SB Mens UK sale u can see this phenomenon in action in the video below:

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