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 Wow, does THIS hit home (thanks Nike Free 5.0 UK Sale Mark U. for the heads-up, and thanks to Pete for this post). Very informative comments, too. I¡¯ve suffered from Haglund¡¯s Deformity for well over a year now. I¡¯ve been an on-and-off runner since 1983, with numerous injuries along the way. I finally got past a chronic IT band problem and, in 2009, started running again. At the end of ¡¯09, I started ramping up my mileage significantly to prepare for my first marathon (May 2010). Shortly after the marathon, I transitioned to trails, hoping to run my first trail ultra in October of 2010. During most of last year, I also worked on landing more mid-foot (I¡¯m still working on getting my cadence up to 180/minute). Anyway, my ultra plan was put on hold, as my right heel started hurting significantly (especially after hilly runs). I went to two different doctors (first a PT, the other a Sports Med doc) before x-rays and an MRI finally showed the source of the pain. I was told it was a genetic condition (my rt heel has dug holes in the backs of my shoes for years), enhanced by overtraining and, as the PT witnessed via video gait analysis, some running form issues. I also have scar tissue built up in my Achilles tendon due to the friction from the Haglund¡¯s Deformity. I quit running, spent a few weeks in a walking boot, and gradually started eccentric heel raises. The Sports Med doc I was seeing was very conservative in his approach, and wanted to avoid surgery unless nothing else worked. I started a walk-run program earlier this spring and have now built up to running 3x per week, no more than 3 miles at a time. I also started using custom orthotics in my regular shoes and running shoes. Back to the video analysis: I pronate more with my right foot than my left, and it appears this is caused by a hip alignment issue (I tend to swing that leg around slightly as it comes forward. I believe a comment here by a doctor explained well what I tend to do). I¡¯ve been doing stretches and strengthening exercises for my hips, glutes and core.

I have subscribed to this blog for about a year. At times I have almost unsubscribed to it because I was told by my orthopedic doctor this summer that I should give up running. I saw this post and for the most part, this is me. I have a huge bone spur on the back of my ankle. I have had it for quite some time, but it has never really given me trouble. I am a life-long runner and I have just turned 55 years old. My sons gave me minimalist running shoes for Christmas, and I loved them. I built up slowly and once I got used to them, I found that I was running faster than ever. In May, my Achilles tendon began to hurt, it was sore to the touch, so I really cut back on my running. Once school got out in June (I am a teacher), I went to my family practice doctor who recommended an orthopedic doctor who specialized in foot and ankle problems. He did an MRI, and he told me that I have Achilles tendonosis, not tendonitis. My tendon was thickened and calcified. He told me that I shouldn¡¯t run, and that if I had surgery to repair the tendon, and to remove the bone spur, I still shouldn¡¯t run. Needless to say, I was crestfallen. This was the day before my 55 birthday. Running has always been a part of me, and this was not what I wanted to hear. I bought a bicycle and have been cycling, but it is just not the same!

I¡¯m fortunate to be near a yoga studio that opens at 5:40 weekdays (¡°Mysore¡± class, Yoga East, Louisville, KY) so I can get my routine in before work. Otherwise I don¡¯t know how I could fit this into my day.

Now I only run in minimalist or ¡°natural¡± shoes with 0-4mm heel lifts, including Five Fingers, Merrell Pace Gloves, NB Minimus, and Hokas, because I find regular running shoes give me hip and SI joint pain. The only time I get Achilles pain now is if Nike Air Max 95 Mens UK Sale I wear the Merrells longer than 2 hours, because they have very poor heel anchoring. They rub my heels and since my heel keeps coming out of the shoe, my ankle gets stressed.

space; however when the slinky is stretched (open packed), you can fitsubstantially more in it¡¯s more infinite space.

I have also been troubled by one of my Achilles tendons since I started with zero drop shoes in daily life and in running. Not as serious problems as described here, but certainly has stopped m Nike Air Max 95 Womens UK Outlet e from running in periods and is currently a limiting factor.

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