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I recently came across two videos on the origin of the nike roshe run black Nike Free (via Running Warehouse and designboom) and wanted to share them here. Enjoy!

What I particularly liked about this study is that the authors were very open about admitting its limitations. For example, they point out the the Nike Free has quite a bit of cushion and an elevated heel. Habitual barefooters jump all over anyone who claims that the Nike Free replicates barefoot running, and this study seems to prove them right, at least in terms of how it affects biomechanics (and much to the chagrin of Nike marketing¡­). Studies of less cushioned shoes (e.g., Vibram Fivefingers) have revealed more similarity to barefoot running, but even ultraminimal shoes don¡¯t seem to be a perfect mimic to running without footwear. They also admit that by not controlling the standard shoe they may have not as easily detected differences between the minimal and more traditional shoes.

The real standout here in terms of biomechanical differences was barefoot running. Here are some of the key differences that were found for barefoot relative to the shoes:1. shorter stride length than all shod conditions 2. higher cadence than all shod conditions (avg. 187.7 steps/min) 3. less dorsiflexion of the ankle at initial contact (i.e., flatter Nike Air Max Classic BW 91 Mens foot placement at contact) 4. greater ankle plantarflexion at toe-off 5. reduced knee extension and abduction moments 6. less knee flexion during midstance (straighter leg) 7. smaller joint moments and less work done at the knee (24% less negative work when barefoot compared to the standard shoe) 8. greater joint moments and more work done at the ankle

The sole of the Nike Free 3.0 v5 is unchanged from v4. It has the typical grooves/siping found in all Nike Free shoes, which allow for excellent flexibility. Rubber outsole pods are only placed under the lateral heel and the big toe, though wear of the exposed midsole does not appear excessive ¨C I have about 45 miles of running on mine, and wear them casually frequently (often all day). The soles are a bit discolored, but are holding up well so far: Nike Free 3.0 v5 Sole After 45+ Miles of Running and Extensive Casual Wear The lack of extensive outsole makes for a lightweight shoe, and my size 10¡¯s come in right around 8oz. Sole dimensions reported by Running Warehouse are 21mm heel, 17mm forefoot, making it a 4mm drop shoe.

The authors summarize by saying: ¡°Knee and ankle mechanics when running barefoot were different to all shod conditions, including the minimalist shoe, indicating that the minimalist shoe cannot entirely replicate the mechanics of running barefoot.¡±

Nike Free 3.0 heel wearAlthough some might disagree, I view the Free 3.0 as a minimalist running shoe, but like the Free Run+, I don¡¯t view it as a barefoot-like shoe. I agree with Nike¡¯s contention that the outsole siping/grooves make it remarkably flexible, which allows your feet to work in a more barefoot-like manner, but the fact that it has a heel and a cushioned sole make it very easy to heel-strike in it, and my wear patterns on the sole of my original Free 3.0¡¯s indicate very clearly that heel striking is what I do when nike roshe run mesh and suede I run in them (see picture at left ¨C the black rubber pad has completely worn away from the lateral heel in the shoe on the top; see also the slow motion video below). I don¡¯t necessarily view heel striking as the horrible thing that some make it out to be (I¡¯m quite content to be a mild heel striker in most of my shoes), but heel striking is not what I (or most other people) do when I run barefoot or in Vibram Fivefingers (I have run 100+ mile nike roshe run print sneakers s in Vibrams, and have also run barefoot a few times).

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