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Nike Wildhorse v2 (left) and v3 (right)The ride of the Wildhorse 3 is comfortable, but the shoe isn¡¯t quite as nimble as v2. I can feel the added weight and structure, but that combo also makes me feel a bit more protected on the trail. It¡¯s a typical tradeoff that you deal with in trail shoes ¨C lighter and nimbler vs. sturdier and more protective. As with the previous version, the Wildhorse 3 is capable of handling roads as well, though with a full coverage, lugged outsole it¡¯s definitely more at home on softer ground.

Nike Free 3.0 2015 Medial--In terms of function and fit, I¡¯ve come to love the upper on this shoe. It isn¡¯t nearly as tight-fitting as I anticipated, and it does a great job of securing my foot against the sole. My guess is that fit and security will be highly dependent on foot shape ¨C if you have a particularly wide foot it may feel a bit restricting, if you have a narrow foot you may have some lack of security, though in the latter case the laces may help a bit. Personally, I haven¡¯t cinched the laces at all and tension in the upper weave is pretty much solely responsible for keeping the shoe on my foot.

If you run mostly in minimal shoes, try the Kiger 2. You will enjoy the extra cushion and responsiveness of the midsole while still feeling right at home with the fit and flat feeling of the sole. If you run in more substantial footwear, I¡¯d also recommend the Kiger 2 as it will feel light and nimble yet not leave you hanging in any area. There is enough stack Nike Air Max 90 cheap sale height and protection that it feels substantial, yet still fast. A very impressive achievement for a shoe a shoe in the low 8 oz range. Highly recommended!

This review is long overdue, but it¡¯s one that I have long felt compelled to write. When Nike first announced the release of the newest member of it¡¯s Free line of more minimalist running shoes, the Nike Free Run+, I was highly critical of their marketing approach. Some took this as me attacking a shoe that I had never worn, but that was not my intent. Rather, I was critical of the fact that Nike was marketing the Free Run+ as a shoe that simulates barefoot running, which I didn¡¯t believe (and still don¡¯t) was possible. In fairness, I felt that I should at least give the shoe a try so that I could write an informed review (one better than the piece put together by Wired Magazine that initially didn¡¯t even have the correct shoe pictured). This post is my attempt at providing a fair review of Nike Free Run+.

The majority of the sole is exposed midsole cushion, so you can barely hear your footfalls while running in them ¨C I love a silent shoe! The tradeoff to this design is that there is minimal outsole coverage ¨C rubber pods are only present at the back outer heel and under the big toe. As such, sole durability is something to keep an eye on if you tend to be a scuffer. Interestingly, my wear pattern only seems to be from the anteriormost heel pod forward through the midfoot ¨C much more of a midfoot landing wear pattern than I tend to observe in most other shoes that I run in.

The above being said, my overall feelings about this shoe are actually quite positive when it is placed in its proper context. I have long been a fan of the Nike Free line, and the original Free 3.0 was actually the shoe that started me on my journey toward more minimalist running shoes. Part of my frustration when the Free Run+ was released was that it seemed like the Free 3.0 had been discontinued, which it apparently was not since it can still be purchased at various places (like Running Warehouse) ¨C whether or not the Free 3.0 was resurrected with the emergence of the minimalist movement, or whether it never actually went away is a question for which I¡¯d love an answer. Anyway, given that the Free 3.0 is still around, the Free Run+ has a definite place as a transitional minimalist shoe ¨C I¡¯d classify it as a gateway shoe to minimalism in the same vein as I defined the category in my review of the Saucony Kinvara. The Kinvara and the Free Run Nike Air Jordan Mens cheap sale + are both very popular shoes right now, and for many, one of these will likely be the shoe that encourages them to move toward more and more minimal options (much as the Free 3.0 served this purpose for me). Given this, the remainder of my review below will be largely written in light of my view of the role that this shoe fills ¨C a transitional shoe for those heading toward more minimalist designs, or even an end of the line shoe for those wanting a bit less shoe wh Nike Air Huarache sale online o might not want to go too extreme in that direction.

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