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I¡¯ve never run in any of the iterations Nike Lunar Cheap UK of the Free 4.0 shoes (Update: I have now posted a full review of the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit). I tried on the v3 at a Nike store and the forefoot seemed to be a bit low in volume (top to bottom) for my foot. The 4.0 v4 moves from a traditional upper to a new Flyknit upper, but it retains a tongue and traditional lacing. I¡¯ve not tried a Flyknit upper shoe yet, and this one looks intriguing.

The authors summarize by saying: ¡°Knee and ankle mechanics when running barefoot were different to all shod conditions, including the minimalist shoe, indicating that the minimalist shoe cannot entirely replicate the mechanics of running barefoot.¡±

Another important point that the authors emphasize is that their subjects were very highly trained runners and that as a result they might ¡°already have highly consistent running mechanics and different types of shoes have little influence on their running gait.¡± They indicate that ¡°It is possible that lesser trained runners with less consistent mechanics may be more susceptible to changes in running gait when utilising a minimalist shoe.¡± As always, one must consider the subjects and conditions studied when applying the results of a scientific study, and I¡¯d once again love to take a look at individual variation.

About a month ago I wrote a series of posts in which I was critical of the newest member of Nike¡¯s Free line of minimalist running shoes: the Nike Free Run+. The strong response Nike Air Max Classic BW 91 Mens uk to these posts took me by surprise, and though I found a lot of agreement from readers, I think some people misunderstood the point I was trying to make. It wasn¡¯t so much that I had any particular problem with the Free Run+ itself (I¡¯m sure I¡¯d probably like running in them if I had a pair), it was moreso a problem with how the shoe is being marketed as one that promotes ¡°barefoot-like¡± running despite the fact that it has ¡°more cushioning,¡± a non-zero heel-toe offset, and increased arch support for ¡°improved stability.¡± The bare human foot does not have added cushioning beyond it¡¯s own soft tissues, has a zero offset, and has no external arch support for ¡°improved stability.¡± I find it very unlikely, given these design elements, that the Free Run+ will promote the midfoot/forefoot footstrike that is a hallmark of barefoot running ¨C this was the point I was trying to make in those posts. If Nike had simply pitched the Free Run+ as a minimalist shoe rather than emphasizing the barefoot-like angle in their marketing, I wouldn¡¯t have written those posts. I¡¯d love to give the Free Run+ a try so I can formally and fairly review it, but I can¡¯t justify spending money on it when Nike makes a Free shoe that is more minimalist than the Run+ ¨C the Free 3.0. The latter is the shoe that I will be discussing in this post.

1. Comfort. Perhaps the main reason why I like both versions of the Free 3.0 so much is that they are ridiculously comfortable ¨C they feel akin to wearing slippers on your feet when you run. The upper has very little structure to it ¨C in the original Free 3.0 it¡¯s basically a thin layer of fabric, whereas in the second generation Free 3.0 some cushioning has been added to the ankle cuff (see comparison picture below). As I mentioned above, one of the main reasons I bought a second pair of black Free 3.0 v2¡¯s is so that I could use them as a work shoe ¨C it¡¯s awesome to be able to spend a day with these on your feet as opposed to a pair of heavy, stiff leather work shoes.Nike Free 3.0 ¨C 1st generation (top) and 2nd generation (bottom). Note the greater cushioning around the heel cuff in the lower shoe.

I¡¯ll finish by saying that part of my disappointmen Nike Air Max 90 Mens UK Sale t regarding the release of the Nike Free Run+ stemmed from my belief that it¡¯s arrival was going to coincide with the disappearance of the Free 3.0. This would have been unfortunate since the Free 3.0 is one of my favorite shoes, and one that has played a big role in my minimalist transition. Turns out that the Free 3.0 is still available, at least for now, so if you want to give it a try it can be found at a few places on-line (check the Nike Store for starters Nike Air Max 90 Womens UK Outlet ) ¨C not sure how long it¡¯s going to last.

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