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 The data are somewhat hard Nike Air Jordan Womens sale to interpret without doing some formal statistical analysis, but a few interesting things pop out. First, female winner Caroline Kilel is comes out as middle-of-the-road for all of her timing variables when compared to the other women. In other words, she is not doing anything exceptionally fast or slow compared to the other top women. Given that her stride rate here is lower than that of Davila and Goucher, she must have a longer stride length than the others in order to compensate (this assumes that these data are representative of the entire race, which they may not be). Despite being a heel striker, Davila has the shortest stance time and the highest cadence. Goucher has a relatively long stance time, a shorter swing time, and has by far the shortest aerial time of any of these women at this point in the race.

It might be useful to list the heights of each of the runners and also use this to compute the angle on stance to provide a form of normalized view of the stance. Cadence and runner height would also be something interesting to correlate. Presentin Nike Air Max Mens cheap sale g the times on stance vs overall stride time as a percentage would also be interesting. Estimated speed of each of the runners at the time of the video would also be a useful factor to list.

Something you¡¯ve missed is the stiffness in their stride, evidenced by the degree of knee bend upon impact. This is also apparent in how tall they look.The Africans are much stiffer than Hall ¨C he loses a lot of energy this way, and he also leans forward from his waist.The best runners are ¡°on top¡± of their stride.

¡°The data I have seen generally show that stance time is lower in forefoot and midfoot strikers (e.g., Hasegawa et al, 2007),¡±This is what one would generally expect as well given the better potential for elastic recoil.

You asked for a specific definition based on largely quantitative parameters ¨C the definitions you provided for orthotics are very different, more akin to neutral vs. stability vs. motion control in terms of the intended corrective purpose of a shoe. We of course have defined shoe categories that are well known ¨C road shoes, trail shoes, track shoes, cross country shoes ¨C all have an intended and easily definable purpose for which they are used. I¡¯ve given you my personal feelings about what constitutes minimalist twice already, and see no point in elaborating further since you seem not to be listening. I don¡¯t view minimalist as a category with defined limits in the sense you are looking for ¨C for me it¡¯s a spectrum, so I feel no compelling need to try to put limits on it.

Nike Air Max Womens sale Efficiency is quite different from minizing loading though, shorter time on stance is often equated to greater running efficiency. However, the data in this blog and my own quick analsysis on G loading certainly don¡¯t point to low time on stance being critical to getting best results. For long distance events like the marathon I suspect that advantages of keeping loading relatively low can compensate for lower efficiency of longer time on stance as it¡¯s often muscle fatigue that gate Nike Air Shox Mens cheap sale s performance rather than maximum power output or available energy reserves.

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