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Noted that nike air max 2014 günstig , according to the Bureau of Hunan Province recently announced a circulation of goods quality monitoring communications revealed that 13 were shoes on the Hei Bang, including red dragonfly, Marsh Q, Saturday, Daphne, wealth birds number of domestic and international famous brands onto the list. It is understood that the highest concentration of these shoes issue is related mechanical properties of the project, however, specific performance is the folding properties of the main failure, followed by the hook bending rigidity of heart failure. Wear shoes sole material is to be assessed an important indicator of the abrasion, wear shoes a direct impact on life; steel hook followed by heart is to connect the beam and the front paws are leather shoes (boots) of the spine, is a major component of the force 1, wearing a smooth or not when the former palm and with the surface area of a certain heart conditions, thanks to the role of the Application List. Unsatisfactory performance of these two vulnerable soles of shoes break, to help the bottom wall surface cracking or opening rubber, etc., affect the life wearing shoes, which led directly to the quality problems, not only damage the vital interests of consumers, but also undermines the brand of social reputation. In the increasingly fierce market competition nike air max 2013 damen , the escalating battle between business and want to cut a striking figure, under the situation in the Central Plains, you need to depend on a strong brand as a support force, the quality is the cornerstone of brand. Bearing on the quality of brand building, and even business survival. Loss of quality assurance for enterprises, all development is only empty talk, the consumer is the business the parents of whether they care about their own businesses to provide good products and services, only the good quality, to meet consumer needs to establish a brand image, target market, the enterprise was favored, and thus based on the market. In the economy, the rapid development of science and technology today, improve product quality is the objective requirements of the development of commodity markets, any business should deeply understand the importance of improving product quality. Improve product quality to enhance the competitiveness of companies is the development of enterprises the main direction of modern management, product quality is the life source, represents corporate and brand image, each firm must have good benefits, we must have a certain product quality standards and requirements nike air max 2013 kaufen , or if there is minor quality problems may be fatal to business to decline. Chinas footwear with a price advantage in the popular domestic and international markets, even so, simply use the price advantage to seize the market, it is impossible to achieve long-term sustainability of the shoe. With economic globalization and integration, shoes will be intensifying market competition, the face of this situation, shoe if you want to become more powerful, we must continue to enhance the overall competitiveness and market competition in which all products Quality is the key factor, so only the product quality shoe up and down enough effort to continuously improve product quality in order to obtain maximum customer satisfaction, enhance brand value and strength of enterprises, to expand the market for development. First, the shoe need to abandon outdated concepts of quality, if not change the attitude of this old, this will directly affect product quality. Not as the basis of product quality, even with good service, open sales channels and marketing of rapid change, is not attractive for consumers, but also a very irresponsible to consumers. Footwear enterprises should establish the correct concept of quality, the core idea passed to the business of each employee nike air max 95 kaufen , thought the decision on actions, actions a habit, so all employees can consciously be this concept to every details of the work which went insist on continuous improvement of product quality, training focused on improving product quality from the enterprise approach, access to consumer recognition. Second, the shoe should develop a professional, standard, complete production system of systems so that staff can operate in accordance with the provisions of the production process not only improves efficiency and ensures the quality of the product. Meanwhile, the shoe but also depending on the target market preferences and needs, with fashion style design, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, from raw material procurement, production and processing quality of the links do a good job, select the qualified raw materials, production of high standards process, comprehensively enhance the quality of the product value, but also to enhance process and on-site supervision and control of management talent to play the role of Chongfen, make the production process ? quality control and inspection of the work, checks the quality of Jin Xing nike air max 2015 damen günstig , Jishifaxian rectification, supervise staff Guifan operation of enterprises in the implementation of the comprehensive quality management. Of course, the training of staff can not be underestimated, the product is jointly produced by the companys employees, so the skill level of employees, ideology and mental state have a direct impact product quality. Therefore, a good shoe to train staff, improve staff knowledge and skills, encourage employees to the best ability to work effectively improve product quality. Product quality is the foundation for the profit of the source, the soul of the brand, companies need long-term adherence is an important strategy. Only quality shoe first, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the quality of ideas put into production and operations, and other work to improve the regulatory and supervisory system to produce excellent quality products quality in order to foster consumer persons satisfaction and loyalty, increasing market share, expand areas of market growth. .

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