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One of the most important things for a guy to learn is when to kiss a girl. Any girl you ask will tell you that the first kiss is a perfect moment they dream about and if you do it wrong adidas superstar 80s metal toe , you're out of the game. The trick is to know when that perfect moment is. Its time for you to finally learn when to kiss a girl.

Have you ever noticed that the people who are the smartest tend to do the worst with women? The guys in high school who did the best in math and science classes did the worst with girls. The guys on the football team who barely passed their math and science classes did the best with women. The first thing you need to understand about kissing girls is that:

Trying to solve this by thinking about it will only hurt you.

Girls are not a math problem or a science project. This is why the captain of the football team who got hit in the head quite often and smoked too much pot did better with women than you did. Its because he didn't think about it. He just went with his caveman-like urges.

I was like you at one point, on the internet looking for information I could use to "think" my way past this problem. The more information I read, the worse I got. This is because the more information I found, the more I thought about it.

Have you ever been on a date with a girl and spent the whole time preoccupied thinking about some perfect plan you came up with as to how you would kiss her at the end of the date? How did that work for you? I can tell you how that plan worked for me when I did things like that. Disaster. Not only did things end badly, never how I planed them adidas superstar womens size 7 , but I didn't have any fun because of the pressure I created for myself with my thoughts.

Things are different now. I never "think" about kissing girls while I am with them, because I just kiss them. How does this work for me? Very well. Because I'm not preoccupied with thinking about the kiss, I am actually having fun with them. As soon as that moment happens, I do it, usually in the middle of the date adidas superstar cheap , sometimes even in the beginning. The best part is that if you kiss during the date, it greatly increases the likelihood that you will be doing much more than kissing at the end of the date, like making breakfast together the next morning. So how do I know when to kiss a girl?

First you must learn to turn off your thoughts and turn on your primal carnal nature. You need to get back in touch with the animalistic part of yourself. An easy way to do that is by:

Paying attention to how women smell.

When a woman walks by me, I breathe in as she passes. As I do this I am NOT thinking about how she smells, I am paying attention to what sensations that smell causes in my body. As you practice this and your animal side starts to wake up adidas superstar sale , you will notice that some women have a particular "smell" to them that excites you. I'm not talking about the perfume they may be wearing; I am talking about their smell. Once you become aware of the exact smell that gets you going, you will be surprised as your desire level with different women changes. You may find yourself wildly attracted to a 5 just because she has that smell. You may find that you lose attraction for a 10 as you walk up to her and she doesn't have that smell. Eventually you will find a 10 with that smell, and trust me, your brain will turn all thought off as you start drooling on yourself.

Now you have harnessed the power.

When you are out on a date, you will find yourself asking the question nike free flyknit+ black , "Should I be kissing her right now?" The answer is always yes. That question, which is a thought, was triggered by a feeling. That feeling is an urge sent to you by the part of yourself you have just learned to communicate with. What you need to learn now is how to go from that urge to action, from that urge to kissing her. If you go from urge to thought, you missed it. Move slow nike free 4.0 flyknit black , but do it right away, before you think about it.

Will this always be the right time?

As you wake up that part of your brain, you will be more in tune with what the girl is feeling. Women tend to mirror the emotions of the guy they are with. The old you was feeling uncomfortable and unsure. So what was the girl feeling when you tried to kiss her? Uncomfortable and unsure. When you are free of thought and in the moment lead by that primitive part of your brain, something else happens. You feel passionate and excited when you kiss her. She will feel passionate and excited as you kiss her.

When you have turned off thought and are in tune with animalistic desire, look into her eyes and make your move because that is when to kiss a girl. Next I will teach you how to successfully approach the women you desire and make enough money to date these women. Click on the link below for my free eBook Domination Basics and start learning the secrets of the Alpha Males right now.
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Drawk Kwast is a life coach. His methods are unconventional nike free 3.0 flyknit black , and he makes no apologies as he tells you how to dominate the competition at work, attract the most desirable women on the planet, and ultimately achieve a fulfilling life.

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