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Lead Generation Sins - 7 Of Them! plus articles and information on Sales I really just don't get it. How can so many businesses be missing the lead generation boat by such a long country mile? Billions of dollars in profits nike air max 90 mens uk , flushed away! Just because of 7 innocent, yet deadly, tactical lead generation errors. Its nuts! Now before I continue, let me just say that some of you who read this might find it upsetting. I'm going to reveal some controversial ideas here. And yes, some of them are likely to fly in the face of many of the things that you've probably read & heard about lead generation, and e to believe. But I urge you to keep an open mind. At the very least, weigh this article without prejudice. When you're finished reading, I give you full permission to thumb your nose, and go back to doing lead generation the way you've always done it. "The 7 Sins" Sales & Marketing on Separate Floors This, my friend nike air max 90 womens uk , is the cardinal sin. Marketing guys sitting in an ivory tower, pontificating about pany image & branding, and ing up with a bunch of award winning creative mambo that amounts to nothing more than pompous chest beating. And everyone waxes poetic about how good the pany looks, and finds an excuse for justifying the money pit with the orders that some dialing for dollars sales guys brought in against the latest "marketing promotion". Nobody seems to notice that the marketing "campaign" is lame & useless, and that it's the sales force that is driving sales against the "promotion". And sales stay flat, because the promotion is really nothing more than another way of packaging a discount. Meanwhile, in another part of the building, the sales force is struggling to meet their numbers, and spending 80% of their time generating leads by leaving voice messages, and battling to finesse their way by gatekeepers nike air max 90 essential mens , and showing up in lobbies unannounced because they happened to be in the area. Why? Isn't that 6 or 7 figure marketing campaign supposed to put them in front of pre-qualified prospects, with a genuine need for what their selling, so they can help them to solve problems, and close business? FACT, a real marketing program can actually do this. Effective lead generation is just "Salesmanship in Print". Its primary goal should be to automate nothing less than the top two thirds of the sales funnel. Full Stop. Salespeople are expensive. They should be spending their time interacting with prospects that are already pre-qualified, and pre disposed to doing business with you. How much more profitable would your pany be, if your salespeople were up to 5 times more productive? "Content" Websites Maybe you've head the expression "content is king", when it es to web sites. Allow me to debunk this popular myth for you once & for all. Do you want to win awards with your web site, or generate leads with your web site? Do you want to make your web site a really cool place for your prospects to hang out & push buttons, or do you want them to respond to your sales message in a meaningful way that advances the sales cycle? Forget about cluttered web pages that offer too many choices. If you want to rock your prospects world nike air max 90 sale uk , give them one clear & pelling message at a time; one that they can focus on without distraction. Ask them to do one or two things per visit. Simple. In my humble opinion, the best way to format the page is in the form of a letter that addresses the title of the person you're most likely to be selling to. And it should have a bold heading that clearly trumpets the benefits of reading it. If you must have a content page, fine, but don't drive traffic to it. When generating traffic, advertise a benefit, not your pany, and direct traffic to a page that deals with just that. If someone wants to e back and visit you later, they can then visit your content rich home page, and browse for what they want. Giving Away Intellectual Capital Many businesses seem to realize at some level, that customers do value their expertise. So they publish whitepapers & ROI calculators nike air max 90 hyperfuse uk , and reports, and make them freely available on their web site, off in the corner somewhere. They're just one more distraction on a content page that leaves the visitor wondering what they're supposed to do next. How about the back button? All that a prospect has to do to obtain the report or the tool, or whatever it is, is to click on a link. Good Golly, Miss Molly, what a huge mistake! I hope you're not making it. Isn't a dose of your expertise at least worth having the customer tell you who they are? And while they're at it, why not make it easy for them to subscribe to your newsletter, or a specialized course that you can deliver via email. Whatever you do, don't let them leave your website without introducing themselves. Good grief. Sometimes it takes several exposures to your print persuasion before the prospect bees fortable enough to e forward and make personal contact. But when they do nike roshe run uk cheap , you've got a live one! And make no mistake. A prospect that convinces themselves that they need to talk to you by reading your problem solving story, is more than twice as likely to buy, versus one that you've cold called. Savvy? Boring & Hard To Read Copy Some people will tell you not to use a lot words in your promotional materials. Poppycock. Prospects that are actively looking for what you're selling will read & read & read until they're red hot & ready to talk to you. But you have to know how to actively engage them. If you bore them with product features, or vain puffery about your pany, or just plain poorly written bafflegab loaded with techno-speak drivel, forget it.

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