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A total of 105 women were classified as Nike Lunar Cheap UK either neutral (51 women), pronated (36 women), or highly pronated (18 women). Now here¡¯s the really interesting part. In a shoe store, the neutral women would be assigned a neutral shoe, the pronated women a stability shoe, and the highly pronated women a motion control shoe ¨C go it? In the study, however, the researchers took each of the three groups of women (neutral, pronated, and highly pronated), and subdivided them into sub-groups so that one-third would get a neutral shoe (Nike Pegasus), one third would get a stability shoe (Nike Structure Triax ¨C incidentally, the Triax was my first ¡°real¡± running shoe, assigned by one of those slow-motion eyeballs I mentioned earlier), and the final third would get a motion control shoe (Nike Nucleus). This was done for each of the pronation groupings, so that what we have here is some women in each pronation category wearing each type of shoe (i.e., many of them wearing the ¡°incorrect¡± shoe for their foot).

I used to run in Brooks Beast and now run in NB Nike Air Max Classic BW 91 Mens uk 904 lightweight trainers. No injuries after 750 miles and new PR¡¯s in every race distance. But, I have a wide foot. The 904¡¯s have been discontinued and I am looking at the 905¡¯s. Any recommendations on a minimalist shoe in wide widths? 4E preferred.

I¡¯ll finish by relating a few quotes from Dr. Ryan, the lead author of this amazing study, as reported by Gretchen Reynolds¡¯ on the NY Times Well Blog. When asked how to choose a running shoe given his experimental results, Ryan says (and recall that his co-author is a biomechanics expert at the Nike Sports Research Laboratory ¨C I give Nike a lot of credit if they signed off on publication of this paper, though I have no idea if they had any say in the matter):

The other day I went and actually had a gait analysis done at a very good running store. Treadmill, pressure pads, video tape..the whole works. I find out I have somewhat high arches, I pronate (somewhat), my feet point out when I run (somewhat), I am right foot dominant (more weight on right foot based on pressure pad analysis) and one foot is 1/2 size larger than the other. The recommendation? Stability shoes even though I have been running almost exclusively in Nike Frees injury free for over a year.

I know with the banks in the UK they are paying out on the PPI claims because insurance was miss-sold, amounts to the same thing doesn¡¯t it? Being sold something under false pretences. Bit hard t Nike Air Max 90 Mens UK Sale o prove a running shoe could be the cause of an injury but we could have the shoe companies for selling under false pretenses (what do you mean, no?) ¨C Didn¡¯t Vibram get sued for having misleading information about their shoes?? Ummm¡­

It certainly seems that the technology behind running shoes is a myth with respect to injuries. The last time I went shopping for shoes I told the salesperson (¡°expert¡±) I wanted a lighter nuetral shoe that promotes running like ¡°this¡± (¡°this¡± being more of a midfoo Nike Air Max 90 Womens UK Outlet t strike) not one to compensate for my current (horrible) form.

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