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The only real difference between Nike Dunk Sky Hi Femmes the shoes was that runners tended to have shorter, quicker strides in the Frees and Lunaracers vs. their standard shoe (mean cadence 183.9 steps/min for both lightweight shoes vs. 181.3 steps/min in standard shoe). The Nike Free did reduce peak ankle adduction during stance and increased peak ankle internal rotation moment equivalent to barefoot, but in all other respects was more similar to the other shoes.

For me, the Nike Free 3.0 v5 is a fantastic shoe for easy runs and distances up to about 10 miles. They¡¯re also great as a casual, low-drop shoe (which is what the vast majority of people buying them will be using them for). In my opinion, they¡¯re too soft and lack responsiveness for speed work. Be aware that despite the stretchy upper, it is a fairly narrow shoe (I went up a half size), so those with wide feet should look elsewhere. All in all, I¡¯m quite impressed with the Free 3.0 v5. It¡¯s one of the best shoes I¡¯ve worn so far this year, and a pleasant surprise given my experience with the previous iteration. Big thumbs up!

The original idea behind the Nike Free was to create a shoe that simulates running barefoot on grass, and though I¡¯m not sure I¡¯d say that they replicate that experience perfectly, they do have a very different feel than most shoes on the market (super flexible, silent underfoot). One might even argue that the Free was a minimalist shoe before the phrase ¡°minimalist shoe¡± even existed, and the original Free is a shoe that will be remembered as a milestone in footwear innovation.

5. Flex. The flexibility of the Free shoes due to their deeply grooved outsole (see picture below) is the real deal ¨C these shoes flex as well as almost any other that I have worn, and it was one of the things I noticed immediately the first time that I put them on. I do believe that they work your feet in ways that stiffer traditional shoes cannot, and this is a big plus for the Nike Free line.Nike Free 3.0 Soles Soles of the 1st generation (top) and 2nd generation (bottom) Nike Free 3.0. Aside from greater wear on the top shoe, the sole looks to be identical.

I¡¯ve enjoyed running in the Free 3.0 v5 so much that I briefly considered wearing them for my Spring marathon (coming up this weekend ¨C still undecided on shoes¡­). I wore them for a 16.5 mile long run over hills as a test, and wound up developing a knot in my soleus about 9 miles into the run. Not sure if the shoes were the culprit, but it scared me off of trying to use them in a long race. I can typically handle zero drop shoes just fine for longer than 10 miles, so I¡¯m wondering if the low drop combined with an extremely flexible, soft sole might be the problem. Don¡¯t know. May have to give them another try on a moderate-length long run and see if it was just a fluke.

Nike Free 3.0 heel wearAlthough some might disagree, I view the Free 3.0 as a minimalist running shoe, but like the Free Run+, I don¡¯t view it as a barefoot-like shoe. I agree with Nike¡¯s contention that the outsole siping/grooves make it remarkably flexible, which allows your feet to work in a more barefoot-like manner, but the fact that it has a heel and a cushioned sole make it very easy to heel-strike in it, and my wear patterns on the sole of my original Free 3.0¡¯s indicate very clearly that heel striking is what I do whe Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher n I run in them (see picture at left ¨C the black rubber pad has completely worn away from the lateral heel in the shoe on the top; see also the slow motion video below). I don¡¯t necessarily view heel striking as the horrible thing that some make it out to be (I¡¯m quite content to be a mild heel striker in most of my shoes), but heel striking is not what I (or most other people) do when I run barefoot or in Vibram Fivefingers (I have run 100+ mile Nike Air Max 90 Femme Pas Cher s in Vibrams, and have also run barefoot a few times).

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