Wash your hair every day is good

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Wash your hair every day is good

Some people take a bath every day, wash your hair, some people once every three days to wash, as well as sustain the previous week barely wash. Washed diligent will feel not washed diligent bedraggled, but not washed diligent pretty plausibly: "? Wash so diligent, not afraid to wash the bad hair yet."
In fact, now there is a lot of scientific research has proven: shampoo every day, to maintain a clean and healthy hair, make hair supple and beautiful. In reality, a lot of people every day, shampoo misconception exists that the shampoo every day a hundred more harm than good.
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A misconception: daily shampooing hair will become dry brown

Some people worry that oil daily shampoo will wash the hair, so the hair becomes dry, brown, disheveled, but most medical experts believe that this need not worry.

Because the normal per square centimeter of scalp tissue distribution of approximately 144 to 192 of the sebaceous glands, the sebaceous glands are continually secrete oil a day. So, if it is normal hair wash, not only will not damage the hair, but also stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands of normal, maintain and regulate sebum balance, making the hair shiny and elastic.

On the contrary, the presence of excess sebum is very likely to cause the accumulation of dirt and dandruff, clogged hair follicles and sebaceous glands, affecting the normal secretion of sebum, the hair root hinder nutrient absorption, so the hair becomes brown dry, severe cases can cause hair loss; dirty messy hair is very likely to become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, causing inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Especially in the summer or oily hair people, because the skin oil secretion is very strong, greasy hair, if the residual oil on the hair for too long, and lack of timely cleaning, are exposed to dust, dirt, causing the hair surface uneven, so that the hair lost its luster, but also increase the friction between the hair, it could easily lead to damaged hair when combing hair slits and even rupture. Thus every shampoo to remove dust, dirt and grease on the hair, effectively reduce the chance of hair breakage slits.

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