No cost skin care habits

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No cost skin care habits

Will type yellow face
Characteristics: dry and dull face
Yellow face Cause: Urban life is too wonderful, frequented nightclubs, severe insomnia or lack of sleep, work pressure, which will cause the typical type are pale yellowish. Pressure will feel when the whole face is like a mask layer of gauze-like, especially bleak. In addition sedentary office a long time to face the computer, but also particularly vulnerable to face yellow.
Effectively improve skin care habits: Be sure to keep early hours, staying up late is no future
Convenience: ☆☆☆☆
Effectiveness: ☆☆☆☆☆
Practice: a normal schedule is the most effective whitening, yellow method. 23:00 After skin gradually into the sleeping period, instantly ageless jeunessethis time the skin if we can get enough rest, the next day will be radiant, so do not miss a good time beauty sleep. It can also usually recommend more than apply the mask to maintain skin moisture.

Housewife type yellow face
Features: sallow face, with shiny
Yellow face Cause: housewives main job is to cook every day cooking, ageless wholesale day after day, during the fumes enveloped unwittingly will make you become a real yellow face looked sallow face, shine as you age - a lot.
Effectively improve skin care habits: put on the skin before cooking spacer layer
Convenience: ☆☆☆☆
Effectiveness: ☆☆☆
Practices: Addressing cooking process of soot pollution, the best way is to avoid direct contact with the skin fumes. Before cooking Cream painted, protect the skin. Xiao Bian also suggested that housewives to purchase a high-quality range hood, or else become Huanglian Po will regret it!

Type yellow face years
Features: skin aging, wrinkles and spots
Yellow face Cause: With the passage of time, age, aging makes the skin surface deposition of cells, there is no effective suppression of black pigment.
Effectively improve skin care habits: Keep the young at heart, less dry anger, more Happy
Convenience: ☆☆☆☆
Effectiveness: ☆☆☆
Approach: age is an indisputable fact, but if we have a young attitude, and keep a stable mood, less dry anger, less sad, more smiles. There is a calm on the surface of the gas, with people, people will naturally look better look younger.

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