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Bugs are very small insects and cause great harm and problems appear llansa, they feed on human blood by sucking it caused him rash and severe itching and discomfort, this insect can be seen in the daytime because they are small and hide easily and appear only at night. This insect activity exercised at night and as we mentioned, her diet of human blood while he sleeps in a deep slumber, are numb the area that will suck through secretion of narcotic substance to human skin, blood sucking him until only once and be a source of three to ten minutes, then swell area and Brown and there is severe itching and irritating, and this insect specification that Brown and oval shape, located in furniture, mattresses and also timber, and can continue life without eating Twelve days to 18 days. There is a very simple solutions to prevent bugs and are as follows: ventilation furniture from time to time by fresh air full of oxygen, because bugs appear in abundance in moist places is dry. Exposing mattresses and fabrics (in short full House brushes) to direct sunlight, because it is one of the most important solutions for the prevention and eradication of bugs. Red or black pepper is hot, it is disliked to the bugs and speed of disappearing if pepper or smell. Mint in General if its oil or his papers, he has a very strong effect and repellent to articulate, can put mint leaves in the House or in the wardrobe and others. Lavender scent that smells strong, deadly for bugs and chased him, as to the existence of such a smell in the House or near furniture gives her luscious and fragrant. Hair drying machine can be used to ward off bug bugs, bugs can't resist high temperature too. Vacuuming is essential for furniture, the air out of her assassin to survive. Everyone avoid buying furniture and mattresses used, or stored in warehouses for long periods because they best poker for this bug, so you should check and clean the furniture before you buy it. The pet that can be grown at home, bringing to this bug, we avoid these animals and prevent them from entering the House because they help to spread bugs and strongly. Finally a very necessary hygiene throughout the House, to preserve the safety of all family members and prevent bugs them sleeping peacefully.

A lot of people suffer from the presence of bugs in many parts of their houses, bugs is a little bug with the color Brown, flat oval, and are considered pests. Food consists mainly of bugs human blood, as does the bite in a region of lashes, Sting appears blistered causes strong itching in the skin. Total length of bug six to nine millimeters, which are spread in different parts of the world, live from two to three months (if the bumper food availability), which comes out once every week in search of food. [1] connects some appearance of bugs in the absence of adequate hygiene at home, but may also result from raising pets at home, or buy used furniture without making sure it is clean and examine him thoroughly, or lack of knowledge about how to prevent it, lies in the continuous feed bugs problems on residents ' blood, causing severe skin allergies, itching persists after exposure to its sting, although it does not transfer diseases should get rid of it as soon as possible. [2] description and food like other kinds of insects, bug body consists of three basic parts, the head, thorax, and abdomen. It features top bug Unwin expeditious access to food sensor, two short guys in aquatic species of bugs, but they are have bed bugs, it also has two eyes help to see details of its surroundings, the bug special glands on either side of the chest stink to ward off enemies when they feel threatened. [3] divided into platoon bugs into several groups according to food upon which to stay, including plant eating herbs and vegetables, including predators that prey on other small insects, bed bugs that feed on the blood of animals, and is much smaller than bugs predator. Consists of chinch mouth hose with the header custom drill to penetrate the skin of animals, and is under the head when the insect begins to suck blood, you could spend 10 minutes bug pulling blood up the saturation, and then the swell up her body and return to hide about a week waiting for the next meal. [3] raised bed bug bite spends most time brushes bugs hidden in various places, such as furniture, clothing, folds or inside lockers, bags, or in the cracks of the wall and wooden furniture, and he doesn't need to go out and find his food (it is) only once every five to ten days. When injecting bug squirted inside the victim's skin secrete an infected object prevents the numb sensation of sting, and therefore did not wake up from sleep, as they secrete prevents blood clotting can absorb a large amount of it. Leave behind a red swollen injection sting resembled those of mosquito bites and fleas, but the difference is that the sting bugs might need days or weeks after receiving the sting to show effects of swelling and itching. And do not cause any kind of bug bite diseases, but, in very rare cases, it can cause serious complications and sensitivities. I don't usually bugs live animals

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RE: Bugs

in RS Traders Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:07 pm
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Bugs is a small insect, they reside and live in blankets and bedding, and also called bed bugs, and the color maroon, and she lives an environment where the weather is hot and humid, they feed a Bedbug on human blood when he is asleep, and secrete a drug so that it makes a person doesn't feel entirely on her sting, skin redness and itching, shortness of breath, which cause allergies, and a bug Bugs are not dangerous because they move around disease, spread bugs lead to losses in the tourism sector. Ways of eliminating bugs: inspect bed and furniture thoroughly, to find the bug or its eggs, they appear as a set of points, and to ensure there are no bugs in the bed, the bed should be cleaned constantly and encapsulate all the family plastic cover tightly, no bugs in it and stay hidden. Exposing the bed down to the Sun, and can expose to sun bed twice a month in the event of non-arrival of the Sun for sleeping. You must use an absorbent material and especially moisture, silica material, because the moisture gathering place is one of the best places and environments to live bugs. If there is a bug in the House, I have sprayed insecticide in one House, and take out the furniture and bed and exposing them to sunlight, and wash bedding in hot water, and then dried. You must spray the bed and furniture, to eliminate the bugs and their eggs. There are some herbs and household items that contribute to keep bugs and expelled, and from these materials camphor, and leaves of neem tree, mint. There are some pets such as cats, rabbits at home, environment and good to live and breed bugs. The traveler must make sure before you put the baggage to ensure cleanliness of the hotel and the bed, making sure not to glue this insect with luggage. Action campaign to eliminate all bugs and eggs. Maintain cleanliness in General, and especially clean bedding and furniture.

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