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Jeter Saddened By Rodriguez Saga - RealGM Wiretap
Derek Jeter told reporters on Wednesday that he is "saddened" after Alex Rodriguez was suspended for the 2014 season for his involvement with the Biogenesis clinic.

"As a teammate Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , you're saddened by the whole thing," Jeter said. "The whole thing has been kind of messy."

Jeter said he has been in communication with Rodriguez.

For sportsbooks and bettors alike one of the biggest and most exciting times of the year is the sweep of about 6 months that contains the college and professional football betting seasons. A lot of wagering is done on both NCAA and NFL contests. But betting on one and winning does not mean you can wager on the other and win. In fact, if youíve focused entirely on NFL games and have tried to switch to college football, you may have looked at the overunders and point spreads with dismay. The same may be true if youíre an old hand at the amateur ranks but a neophyte when it comes to the NFL.

The two most common football bets are the point spread and the overunder. A typical NFL point spread would look like thisóMiami Dolphins (+6) Vs Carolina Panthers (-6). If listed by a sportsbook, Miami would be on the top line and Carolina below them on the bottom line. The home team is always listed second or on the bottom. With our example, Carolina is favored by 6 points. If you put money on the Panthers, they must win by 7 points for you to collect. If they win by 5 points or less, then you lose your bet. If they win by 6, then the game is a tie and this usually results in a ďpush,Ē which means all bets are off and your wager is returned to you.

The overunder on this same contest is listed as ď36 ov.Ē The 36 refers to the total number of points scored by both teams. If you bet the under and 35 or fewer points are scored, you win; if you wager on the over and 37 or more points are scored Wholesale NFL Jerseys , you win. If 36 points are scored, it doesnít matter which side of the number you put your money on, itís a push and your original wager is returned to you.

These are typical numbers for a professional game. In the NFL, itís extremely rare to see a point spread higher than 10 points and an over under higher than 40. Now letís take a look at a college contest. This game is between one of the lowest ranked teams in the country, the North Texas Eagles, and the National Champions, the Texas Longhorns.

The point spread for this game is listed as North Texas (+41) Vs. Texas (-41). No, that is not a misprint. The Point spread is 41. The overunder for the game is 54. Once again, that is not a misprint. The overunder is 54!

Compare the point spread for the Dolphins and the Panthers with that for North Texas and Texas. The Panthers are one of the best teams in the NFL and the Dolphins, although making progress, are in the bottom echelon. Why is the NFL point spread and overunder so different from that of the NCAA?

NFL point spreads and overunders are based on the premise that a team will do what it has to win Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , but it will usually not humiliate an opponent. They wonít do this for many reasons. First, in the NFL winning by 1 point or thirty points does not affect the standings. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Also, humiliating another team is seen as being unprofessional. Finally, coaches and a team get nothing out of running up the score on an opponent, except maybe some extra-tired players and some additional injuries.

The point spread and overunders are also based on the fact that every NFL team, no matter how bad it may be, is made up of players that have attained a certain level of competence in playing the game. That means that although one team may have more talent, experience or better coaches, on any given day a last place team can beat a first place team. It happens all the time.

NCAA point spreads and overunders take the same premise and basic fact into consideration but reverse both of them, thus making the point spreads and overunders look a bit out of kilter.

The point spread in college football is formed around the premise that a team will do everything it can to show that itís superior to another team, including run up the score. Now why would they do such an unsportsmanlike thing? Itís true that most college football teams are in a conference. Some of the more powerful conferences are the PAC-10 Wholesale Jerseys China , Big 10, Big 12, Southeastern, Atlantic Coast and Big East. Most, but not all, of the top teams are associated with these conferences. There are also some college clubs that are Independents, meaning they donít belong to a conference. Notre Dame is one such school.

Along with fighting to be the best in their conference, teams are also vying to be ranked nationally. One of the ways they can increase their national prominence is by drubbing weaker teams. In fact, if Texas doesnít hammer North Texas, itís guaranteed to hurt their national ranking and to cause doubt amongst those who decide which club is number 1, 2 Wholesale Jerseys , 3 and so forth. If the Longhorns barely beat the Eagles, it will be almost the same as losing to them.

Thus, in the NCAA a win is only a win within the conference. Nationally, there are wins, drubbings, wallopings and losses. Thereís a lot to be gained by a powerhouse revealing, exhibiting and using all of its strength.

Note the overunder in the North Texas-Texas game and compare it to the point spread. Itís very telling. The overunder is 54 and yet the point spread is 41. That means that handicappers expect the Longhorns to score a heck o.

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