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Article From Article Directory Database 锘? One of things I like to do is go to FreeCell when I open my computer for the day. It relaxes me. It is fun to play. It does not cost me anything since it comes free with Windows 98. However, it is a time grabber. I spend about 20 minutes each morning trying to get all the cards out of the deck. 68 percent of the time I win. 32 percent of the time I either bomb out or else I see where I have to give up the game.

I make it my rule to play only one game. If I win, that is great. If I lose, I do not come back at least until the next day. Does this make me a habitual video gaming addict? I think not, since I am in control over how much I play and under what terms I wish to play the game.

When I see the workload I have in front of me, I now have revised my computer routine. I do not play FreeCell any longer. If I am on the computer each day Milan Lucic Jersey , that means I spend two hours each week trying to figure out how to master the cards in front of me. This means my writing must suffer. My marketing also must give up some precious time. So, the little time I spend playing FreeCell on my computer has gone to zero.

I would not have given this a second thought if it were not for two isolated events. One event just happened along by accident. The other event sprang from my recollection of my prior projects. I blundered quite by accident into a FreeCell website while searching for another topic. I found out FreeCell could be played all over the Web. I also discovered that some of the FreeCell player scores reached into astronomical levels. If I had a win percentage like some of the players I saw on one or more of the FreeCell websites, I would have been given a ticker tape parade on Main Street. If I had opted to play FreeCell as frequently as some of the players there, I would have found myself doing nothing else in my whole life except playing FreeCell. I would not have any more time to eat. I could not devote a minute's worth of time to write or to take care of my frail and ailing wife.

Not only did I see an impressive volume of games played. The high scores achieved were equally impressive. Because FreeCell has now become interactive over the Web, I would be in competition with these other players. If there were any wagering or prizes associated with winning, I would be stripped clean of money. I would not be playing FreeCell any more for the fun of it. I would be in deadly competition with people I did not know except by names such as CardWiz, Zingo Matt Beleskey Jersey , BingBang, The Vamp, and others with similar "handles".

VGS starts early. It appears never to leave. On the contrary, it only gets worse. Here is a posted article from .

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