Household real wood and bamboo floor how to should maintain

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In recent years the floor holds the market in the home very welcome. Because floor grain is natural, green environmental protection, tactility is comfortable wait for an advantage, everybody chooses wooden floor board in succession when the ground is decorated. But because floor photograph compares the time that decorates material to appear at the tradition such as ceramic tile, marble,do not grow, consumer not quite know this how to maintain, and more consumer do not know the floor needs to maintain so at all, the difference when the discovery after bringing about use period of time and new laid is very big.
On market floor Be like,sort has a lot of: Real wood, aggrandizement, multilayer wait, that maintains method also cannot treat as the same. As the bamboo floor conduct propaganda in home more and more reach the designated position, oneself technology is better and better, the consumer of the choose and buy also increasingly grow in quantity, what should that bamboo floor notice to nod in use process? Bamboo floor should notice to maintain indoor dry humidity in use process. Although bamboo floor passes dry processing, reduced the variation of dimension, but because bamboo is the material of nature, so the generation of dry wet change as the environment is out of shape. In Changchun such northern city, especially present heating is seasonal, indoor normally relatively dry, the method that can adopt use humidifier to perhaps put basin water on central heating avoids indoor too too dry. In the process of use bamboo floor, should notice to protect floor lacquer area, make its avoid to suffer good thing to bump, edge tool cut and metallic attrition.
Real wood Floor As a result of its the simple sense of massiness gets all the time the praise highly of traditional customer, the price that floor of real of course wood does not poor should notice to maintain more reduce overmuch to it harm. Use when cleanness work partly pull cloth. If the home is hollow gas is dry, pull cloth but a few wetter or a water is put on central heating or add with humidifier wet. After laid ends, had better wax in time. In using a process at ordinary times, every 3 months wax can. Do not hit actually also but, but often wax, what can retain a floor board is bright and clean degree, prolong the service life of real wood floor. Avoid wooden floor and many water contact; to avoid to use acidity, alkalescent liquid to wipe as far as possible, lest destroy floor surface lacquer bright and clean degree. Avoid area of acerb implements cut, do not throw butt on the floor or set too very hot thing directly, avoid to procrastinate as far as possible move heavy furniture.
It is important that the floor maintains, but clear more not allow to ignore, what cannot forget pair of floors is throw to clear in daily life.
Statement: This article fastens net of Chinese wood floor to achieve a manuscript solely to disclose information solely perhaps formerly, all rights reserved, if need to reprint,turn to stick or duplicate with other means publish, make clear net of floor of origin China wood and network address please.
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