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Today entered the third day of the competition, the Los Angeles Lakers legendary star Kobe Bryant - Bryant will be in the 32 strong match against the nickname "singles Joe" Joe - Johnson. Bryant is behind the basketball Customized Basketball Jerseys god Michael - Jordan after the best shooting guard, the offensive end is a master, defensive end is daunting. "Black Mamba" in the ball one by one never afraid of anyone, his singled out also filled with self-confidence -

Kobe was born on August 23, 1978, according to the constellation, this day can be regarded as Leo, can also be Virgo, and Bryant also inherited the two constellations of the biggest features - domineering and paranoid. Kobe Bryant has always wanted to do the best, he also used almost metamorphosis of training to polish their own. 1996 into the league, is catching up with the world recognized the first NBA head of Jordan's career, "Peter Pan" naturally will not miss this most challenging singled out opponents.

1998 All-Star Game, 19-year-old Kobe Bryant was selected for the first time in the highly anticipated stage, he got a direct dialogue with Jordan the opportunity. When he was 15 years old, "Big Brother" predecessors Carl - Malone came forward for his pick and roll, the young and frivolous Bryant has said such a sentence: "put away your damn pick and roll, I want to singled out and Jordan "

This sentence has been 11 times selected All-Star "postman" extremely unhappy, he was in the suspension during the straight and Western All-Star coach George - Carl said: "This game I do not need to call, there is a feather boy let I went away. "That game Malone only played 17 minutes, get 4 points and 3 rebounds.

2000 "Jackson" Phil - Jackson into the Lakers, he invited Jordan to personally tune young Bryant, did not expect the two just met, Bryant is the first sentence: "You know, one on one game I can play You. "Jordan was also very cleverly responded:" It is possible, because I have been retired for three years.

Bryant's rhetoric is not just an empty talk, through far extraordinary efforts, Bryant eventually became one customized jerseys of the greatest players in history, for many years sit tight "Union first person" throne. Even Jordan himself admitted that he was sure to beat any opponent in singled out, except for Kobe Bryant. "It stole all my footsteps and technology," Jordan said.

And after the baptism and accumulation of time, Bryant is no longer as arrogant as young, but he still maintained a very confident. "No one has ever beat me in one-on-one, and for so many years I've been doing it all the time," Kobe said, after the last game of the Oklahoma City Thunder last game in April last year. The individual can beat me in the singles, and the man retired after setting the last ball in jazz in 1998.

Obviously, Bryant said this person is Jordan. Once upon a time, for the high on the Jordan, the fledgling Bryant mind only to beat him; 18 years later, when the "Fei Xia" in his career in his later years, when he experienced a glory of the crown, the injury after the trough, also began with Jordan Sympathetic And Kobe himself, but also as the year of Jordan, and gradually become the example of the younger generation and catch up with the object, perhaps this is the history of heritage.

Kobe Bryant's attack and defense force Needless to say, he can use hundreds of ways to put the ball into the basket, while the use of fierce defense to opponents directly suspected of life. In 2000, Bryant even directly with a singled out to destroy a player's confidence, and his subsequent career.

The player is named Isaiah Rider (Isaiah Rider), he was born in 1971, height 1 meter 96, is the first round of the third round of 1993 rookie. Ryder physical fitness Madden, 1994 All-Star dunk contest, Ryder completed the first record in the history of crotch hand dunks, won the championship. 1999-00 season, Ryder in the Atlanta Hawks as the main shooting guard, averaging 19.3 points and 4.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists.

In the summer of 2000, in order to pursue the championship, 29-year-old Ryder to give up the Miami Heat big contract, willing to join the Lakers low salary, as Bryant's bench, did not expect this decision became a turning point in Ryder's career.

In the first few teams in the training, Ryder Bryant's bit in the outstanding performance, and later began to spray trash, which also inspired Bryant's heart of victory. "Fei Xia" invited him to singled out after the end of the training, self-confidence burst of Ryder did not hesitate to agree.

Break, back, dunk, hook, fake action ... ... Bryant is only showing a small part of the arsenal, in the 10 goals of the singled out in the defeated Ryder. Onlookers of the Lakers players could not bear to look straight, waving a white towel shouted: "fast stop it, stop it, beg you!"

Ron - Harper and Devon - George is the two members of the crowd, after Harper recalls, he is in that singled out that Kobe Bryant has been and other players are not at the same level. George also said: "Later I often think, God, why do you want to him?"

This singled out not only Rade's self-confidence completely destroyed, but also to "Zen Master" began to question the ability of Ryder. 2000-01 season, his average data plummeted to 7.6 points and 2.3 rebounds and 1.4 assists, although still follow the team won a championship ring, but in the playoffs did not get 1 minute playing time. After the Custom Team Jerseys end of the season Ryder signed with Denver Nuggets, but only played 10 games was laid off, early end of the custom jerseys NBA career. Years later, Ryder admitted that joining the Lakers was a "wrong decision".

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