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Large muscles will be difficult to develop well without a healthy bone sturdy denied it. When the previous edition of blood into the discussion in order to form a muscle like a whiz Hulk green, now REPS present again in an effort to open the insights of the REPS Mania as well as to maintain and strengthen bone quality for maximum muscle development.

When according to their constituents, bone can be divided into 2 categories, cartilage (CARTILAGO) and hard bone (OSTEON). Cartilage tends to be flexible, formed on cartilage cells (KONDROSIT) that secrete the matrix (KONDRIN) in the form of hyalurine or collagen. However, cartilage in children comes from mesenchyma that contains more chondrocytes than condoms. In contrast, in adults the content of kondrin even more. While the formation of hard bones originated from cartilage (derived from mesenchyme). Cartilage has a cavity that will be filled by OSTEOBLAS (bone-forming cells). Osteoblasts form osteocytes (bone cells). Each unit of bone cells will encircle the blood vessels and the nerve fibers form the SYSTEM HAVERS. The matrix will release chalk and phosphorus which causes the bones to become hard. The process of bone hardening is called reinforcement or OSIFICATION. The type of ossification is DESMAL and KONDRAL. Condral includes PERORONDRAL and ENCDRRAL.
6 Steps to Make a Strong Bone

The threat of bone loss more experienced by women when starting to enter old age. Women aged 35 years and over have to be more selective in the affairs of food, especially foods that can build bones to be healthy. As reported by REPS Magz from MSN that, "Dr. Maoshing Ni, author of the Second Spring book outlines 6 easy ways to build strong bones that everyone can apply before bone density is lost due to osteoporosis.


How to be able to fight on the load floor when bone ability in sustaining weight alone is still a question mark. For that the need for bone strengthening nutrition or physical activity that is also able to maintain bone density wherever possible given the attention and its own portion. It becomes excellent when the need for protein for muscle can be offset by the need for bone strengthening. Here are 6 steps:
1. Consumption of Grains and Take Calcium

Most people drop the choice of dairy products and all derivatives from cows to meet the needs of calcium. Controversially, dr. Maoshing says that the high protein and calcium content in cow's milk causes it to cause high levels of acid in the blood. No other and no effect is more the amount of calcium from the body is lost, than that obtained when drinking milk. It is caused by protein molecules in milk greater than human digestive molecules, so the immune system sometimes refuses. In fact, not infrequently also consider it as a foreign body that sometimes causes various symptoms of allergies.

Some data from the results of the study illustrate their usual symptoms of consuming milk, such as easy fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate, and have excess mucus. Some people who do not have an enzyme, such as lactase, which serves to destroy milk sugar during digestion, will usually cause stomach pain, bloating, and even diarrhea when consuming milk. The safest way to get calcium apart from milk or cow products is to consume lots of grains, beans, or green leaves. Well, now it's time to be smart in entering the type of nutrients in the process of muscle rearing.
2. Consume lots of oranges

It's no secret that calcium and vitamin D are great for bone health. Calcium is used to build and maintain bone density, while vitamin D is necessary because the body can not absorb calcium without vitamin D. Cow's milk is often honored as the best food for strong bones. But in recent research shows that the body can also absorb calcium and vitamin D from orange juice as easily as milk. Orange juice rich in vitamin C contains antioxidants that help absorb calcium into the body. Because orange juice contains acetic acid that causes enamel erosion in the teeth, it is advisable should not directly brush your teeth approximately for about an hour after drinking orange juice.

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