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Who does not know the Metal Slug series? Run and gun-a phenomenal game by SNK, where we fight against the coup of General Morden, against mummies, zombies, up to aliens. But for some lay people, there are things that are important but unknown to them.

serial Metal Slug indeed could be a good choice for nostalgic run and gun-game. But maybe you do not know about a number of Metal Slug series, or maybe you do not know the ability of each character from Metal Slug 6? Here's the author's summary of things that the unconscious layman in the Metal Slug series.

Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug Series In Metal Slug 2 series, Eri and Fio characters appear. The series was released in 1998 and also included in the Metal Slug Anthology bundle. Unfortunately, many people are more familiar with Metal Slug X which was released in 1999 as the second Metal Slug after its predecessor was released in 1996. For the Steam, Metal Slug 2 is not included into Metal Slug Bundle, but sold separately.

Metal Slug 7

SlugMetal Slug 7 Metal Series was released in 2008 on the Nintendo DS platform. One thing that makes this series quite forgotten is not much attention to game news from the Nintendo console, so the emergence of this series is not much to know. Unfortunately again, in this series there is no such thing as Player 2. So gamers have to fight for themselves.

This series tells of General Morden who returned to the coup action with the help of troops from the future. Of course, your job is to stop General Morden's actions by destroying the time portal that was accidentally created.

Metal Slug XX

Metal Slug Series Like Metal Slug X replacing Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug XX is made to replace Metal Slug 7 with the return of 2 players mode features. The series was released in 2009 for the PSP platform and was followed for XBOX in 2010.

In addition, Leona Heidern of The King of Fighter series is featured as a DLC character in this series following Ralf and Clark which has emerged since Metal Slug 6. As a character who needs to pay again, his ability deserves 4 thumbs up. Because one of his abilities is the Moon Slasher is high-powered and able to fend off enemy projectiles.

The Capabilities of Each Character

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Starting from Metal Slug 6, each character begins to have his or her ability either active or passive. However, many people do not know it because of the ability of Ralf Vulcan Punch which is a stroke that can destroy artillery, and many lay people are scrambling to use the character.

Actually the other characters are not less great, you know. From Marco, the power of his gun (heavy machine gun if in easy mode) is stronger than other characters. Eri can throw more gangs, even up. Tarma is able to keep the vehicle longer and able to repair it (or further damage it).

Fio can have more ammunition stock and when spawn he immediately has a heavy machine gun as many as 100 bullets, and Clark is not able to get shot by throwing the enemy up.
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RE: the unique fact about metal slug games

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