That may sound like something I made up

in RS Sellers Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:51 am
by blackataffetas • Noobie | 2 Posts | 20 Points

That may sound like something I made up, but science seems to indicate we are all a bit uncertain about the right steps to take.

Sometimes the tipping point for many would-be entrepreneurs is not the need for self-esteem, but the need for self-respect. They do so with incredible fear and trembling. It is much easier to simply stay in a place where you are safe from ridicule and potential embarrassment. It can care labels be linked to refusing to do something you know to be wrong (indicating integrity), but it can also be linked to doing what you know to be right (indicating character). There is a prevailing sense in many that they really don't know what they are doing in life and they have a fear that someone is going to come up to them and call them on the carpet for their ineptitude. They do so knowing they may not have the full support of their family, friends or peers."

There is a payment for a business idea that is successful, and it is not always money.

That's why I gain great encouragement from seeing men and women taking steps toward developing a business idea. Both are needed in any moneymaking idea.

Honestly, to take steps forward in a money making idea shows incredible strength.What is one of the most common things you might hear from someone who finally discovers the world of entrepreneurialism - and succeeds at their money making idea?

"I wasn't sure I could do it.

Self-respect involves an internal trust in yourself. We put on a good show of knowing what we're doing, but inside we fear we are going to mess it up.

One of the buzzwords we often hear is a lack of self-esteem in individuals.

We have friends and family who may be more than willing to point out our deficiencies and may inadvertently throw us off the track of developing a really great idea.

The prevailing current that flows through almost any moneymaking idea is the knowledge that the entrepreneur was capable of taking an idea and making something of it.

You see, self-esteem and self-respect are not the same thing. They payment is often a very personal sense of satisfaction. They do so with the understanding they may fail. One tries to make you feel good no matter what and the hot-melt polyester satin other wants you to prove something of yourself in a way that makes you proud of what you were able to accomplish. When the great idea bangs away inside their mind long enough they may feel a powerful urge to release the idea with the profound understanding that they may count themselves a success for simply giving their idea a platform. It's not about everyone getting a ribbon in a contest, it is challenging yourself and finding you really did have it within you to rise to the occasion. They get to the place where they begin to understand that if they don't take a leap of faith they will always wonder what they could have done, but didn't

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